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Trasteros Plus customers, Juan XXIII Avenue, Málaga



Encarnación, user as a private individual

“Trasteros Plus is the reference to store everything that does not fit me at home.”



Carmen, user as a private individual

“I am in the middle of a move and temporarily needed a furniture repository to store my entire house. I am calm with decision of storing in Trasteros Plus; everything is very clean, tidy and with zero humidity.””



Federico, uuser as a company

“I work in a pharmaceutical laboratory, so I needed a place that provided me with all the guarantees. Also, the large parking area for customers and its loading and unloading area makes our daily life much easier.”



Blas, usuario de Trasteros Plus Particular

“I had a lot of space problems and I needed a storage room for home relief. I decided on Trasteros Plus for its proximity, cleanliness and safety.””



Ana, user as a private individual

“I really liked the security both in the access and in the installation. With carts and forklifts that they provide, it is very comfortable to be able to transport my belongings.””



Gonzalo, user as a company

“I chose the center of Trasteros Plus on Avenida Juan XXIII because it is centrally located, close to my home and has a very large indoor car park that makes it very easy for me every day.””

Trasteros Plus customers, Guindos Avenue, Málaga



Pablo, user as a company

"Our sales representatives only come to Malaga a couple of times a month. Therefore, the reception of goods is very comfortable for us. Its facilities are very accessible from anywhere in Malaga.”



Joaquin, user as a private individual

"I take advantage of the unit in height, and besides hanging my bike, I keep the typical beach stuff, Christmas ornaments, winter clothes and some tools."



CRISTOPHER, user as a private individual

"I need to free up space at home while doing a home renovation and Trasteros Plus was the perfect solution for me. It is next to my house and when I visited it for the first time, it gave me a good impression of how clean and careful everything was."

Rafael Fernández


Rafael, user as a private individual

"Great! Very helpful and very effective. The clean and tidy site and all the tools you may need to organize. I can only say one thing: THANK YOU."

Trasteros Plus customers, Fuengirola – Mijas



Marta, user as a private individual

"Thanks to Trasteros Plus I have managed to free up a lot of space in my apartment. I have the clothes stored according to the season of the year. In its facilities I find all kinds of amenities. It is very practical and functional."

Jose Vicente


Jose Vicente, usuario de Trasteros Plus en Las Lagunas de Mijas

"Trasteros Plus offered me all the facilities to store my personal belongings when I sold my apartment. Clean and safe facilities, 100% Recommended.”"



Nieves, usuaria de Trasteros Plus Las Lagunas de Mijas

"In my commercial work it is very important to visit the different clients and with the merchandise reception service I can organize myself much better. When a product arrives, they let me know, pick it up and place it inside my storage room."

Trasteros Plus customers, San Millan (El Ejido)



Marta, user as a company

"I have chosen Trasteros Plus because they provide good service, they are very friendly and the site is very well maintained."

Lidia Díaz


Lidia, usuaria de Trasteros Plus en el centro de Málaga en Calle San Millán

"Very comfortable for storage, good facilities and attentive staff."

Federico Cabello


Federico, user as a company

"Excellent concept plus a great service equal to great!"

Trasteros Plus customers, La Princesa

Idoia Rizzos


Idoia, Trasteros Plus La Princesa user as a individual

"The staff was very friendly. They got in touch via WhatsApp to remind us of dates and other billing issues: a pleasure to be aware, really.The storage room (we already knew them), perfect for what we needed. Very highly recommended."

Pepi Benítez


Pepi, Trasteros Plus La Princesa user as a individual

"Very happy, very good treatment, very clean and very well informed."

Francisco Martín


Francisco, Trasteros Plus La Princesa user as a individual

"An incredibly efficient team. Very personalized attention and without losing "that" that makes us human. Very tidy, competent and of course highly recommended. If you want a storage room without surprises I am sure that these good people will find it for you!"

David Navia


David, Trasteros Plus La Princesa user as a individual

"I needed some extra space because my family has grown and Trasteros Plus La Princesa has solved it for me"


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