Storage Medium – Guindos

3m2 storeroom for rental. With room to store between 35 – 38 medium sized boxes. Ideal for two shelves with tools, boxes of seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations, camping and beach accessories. With upper netting included for hanging three bicycles to take advantage of the full height of the box.

  • The prices shown correspond to the monthly rental price of the locker / storage room.
  • Rent your locker / storage room for the time you need with a minimum stay of only one month.
  • Choose the space that best suits you at all times. You can change to a larger or smaller storage room whenever you want.
  • Insurance included.
    Although all our facilities are fully insured, for your own peace of mind and protection, all our prices include insurance for your belongings with coverage of € 1,000.
365 Days Access (from 6:00 to 22:00)
Video Surveillance
Access ccontrol
Parking Access
Storage Cleaning
Courtesy trolleys, Shovels and Trolleys
Preferred Area Location
Private Lighting
Merchandise Reception Service
24 Hours Access
70 € 77.5 € 85 €
* Basic Insurance Included

Do you want to expand your insurance coverage?


If you wish you can extend the insurance coverage on your belongings by € 2000.

All our storage rooms are closed by a padlock. Our offers exclude the cost of the padlock. You can buy a padlock at any of our offices or if you prefer to bring your own.

For the hiring of the storage room you must deposit, when you go to our offices to formalize the contract, a deposit equivalent to the cost of a monthly rent on your storage room. Once the rental period ends the deposit will be returned.