Store Rooms for Companies and Privates

Mini-warehouses for companies in Málaga, Mijas and Fuengirola

Our rental services of storage rooms or self storage in Malaga, Fuengirola and Mijas are a good option for companies and privates to have an extra space for their goods and products.

  • Individuals who need to store their tools
  • Small, medium and large companies that need extra space
  • For online stores that need to save their products

Advantages of storage rooms for companies

Flexibility in storage sizes

Warehouses from 1m2 – 200m2 for all needs. Expand or decrease the space depending on what you need.

Maximum safety!

All spaces are protected with advanced security systems, alarm and closed-circuit TV that works permanently. Safer than a bank!

Your merchandise insured

All storage rooms have a minimum insurance of € 1,000 to cover any claim.

Direct Access

Faster loading and unloading, convenient and simple. Carts to load the boxes and traspalet at your service.

Access schedule

365 days with 24-hour access option.

Material Reception

Sending/receiving material. All comfort without you having to be present. Don’t waste your time, we do it for you!

Transfers and Moves

In Trastero Plus you have all the services to facilitate any move.

Customer Parking

Parking: In Trasteros Plus you have your own parking for customers, cars, trucks and trucks to take things to your storage room or mini-warehouse.

Materials Shop

Store with all the packaging materials you need: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, sofa covers, mattress covers, adhesive seal, etc.

Receiving online purchases

If you do not know if you can be at home when they send you what you are waiting for, have them send it to our center. We receive it and let you know so you can come and pick it up.


Save money! No costs of electricity, water and security. Trasteros Plus offers all storage, logistics and meeting rooms for a single price.

Van rental with driver

Van rental with driver and extra assistant if you need it.