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Storages in Málaga

Storage for rent in Malaga. Our storage rental services, self-storage or storage, are available in Malaga, Fuengirola and Mijas, and are a good option for individuals who want to store their things. In addition, we also have the following services:

  • Moves. In Trasteros Plus we organize and take care of the transfer of your belongings to your module or storage room
  • Store cardboard boxes and packing material. Store with all the packaging materials you need: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, sofa covers, mattress covers, adhesive seal, etc.

In Trasteros Plus we act as a warehouse, being able to use our storage to store furniture, household goods or office supplies for as long as you need it.

Our storages are completely empty and sealed, so you can deposit your most precious items in them with total security.

Spaces without humidity or dirt, monitored 24 hours a day through high resolution security cameras.

Spaces with access 365 days a year, so you can access to your belongins without limitation on the numbers of entries, with the time option you have chosen.

guardamuebles en málaga

Where are we located?

Juan XIII Avenue, 25


San Millan Street, 15


Guindos Avenue, 17


Virgen de Fátima Street, 1


Solymar Square


Our Malaga’s storage rooms features

Our Malaga’s storage rooms are:

  • Safe spaces, monitored 24 hours a day through high resolution video surveillance equipment.
  • Spaces with unlimited access, so you can access your belongings or freely deposited goods, without any limitation in number of tickets or schedules.
  • Spaces with courtesy van. Trasteros Plus provides you with a courtesy van service so you can face moves or transfers of goods in the most comfortable way.
  • Spaces adjusted to your needs. In Trasteros Plus you can opt for spaces of different sizes, adjusting 100% to your needs..
  • Rent storages by hours, days, weeks or months, so you won’t have to pay an extra for a service you don’t need.
  • Storages available in four different centers spread over the Costa del Sol: Malaga, Fuengirola and Mijas.

Use the storage services of Trasteros Plus and face with complete tranquility any  reform or move in any of our centers:

  1. Storages in Málaga – Trasteros Plus Juan XXIII
  2. Storages in Málaga – Trasteros Guindos
  3. Storages in Málaga – Trasteros San Millán
  4. Storages in Mijas/Fuengirola – Trasteros Plus Las Lagunas

Furniture storage in Málaga at Trasteros Plus

Available spaces as storage

  • Our lockers, storages, boxes (colloquially named luggage storage) are modules, also private and independent, of approximately 1 cubic meter.
  • In many occasions, we need a small space to store some boxes, some bags, some files, a small order, a stock, some toys, some gifts, some wine boxes, some hobbies and that is why we have created these small modules that we call lockers, or boxes.
  • Our lockers or boxes follow our basic principles: private, safe, clean, dry and easily accessible with lots of lighting.

Rental storage rooms (from 1 m2 to 10m2)

  • Our Storages and storage rooms in Malaga have an approximate height of 2.70 meters and we have a wide variety of sises; more than 40 different sizes that have wide doors of 1 or 2 meters wide, depending on the size of the module.
  • They are independent and private storages, characterized by being square so that you optimize your space to the fullest.
  • We recommend you make use of modular shelves to save you unnecessary expenses. But do not worry! We have! And you can buy or rent them!
  • It is more than a regular storage. It is a custom storage room for you.

Mini-warehouses for rent (from 10m2 to what you need)

  • Our largest storages or warehouses are completely independent spaces with private Access. We have large modules for professional and logistical needs, temporary or not, with easy access from the highway, convenient and close to the María Zambrano train station in Malaga and to Malaga airport.
  • Our warehouses are available from 10 m2 to the size you choose, being able to choose from a wide variety of sizes. And of course, each warehouse enjoys the greatest security services and systems.
  • We have wide access depending on the needs of our customers.
  • We have cars so you can easily move your heaviest goods to your warehouse.

Trasteros Plus storage rooms Advantages

Storage sizes flexibility

Warehouses from 1m2 – 200m2 for all needs. Expand or decrease the space depending on what you need.

Maximum safety!

All spaces are protected with advanced security systems, alarm and closed-circuit TV that works permanently. Safer than a bank!

Direct Access

Faster loading and unloading, convenient and simple. Carts to load the boxes and traspalet at your service.

Access schedule

365 days with 24-hour access option.

Material Reception

Sending/receiving material. All comfort without you having to be present. Don’t waste your time, we do it for you!

ventajas guardamuebles

In Trasteros Plus you have all the services to facilitate any move

traslados y mudanzas

Transfers and Moves

In Trasteros Plus you have all the services to facilitate any move.

parking para clientes

Customers parking 

Parking: In Trasteros Plus you have your own parking for customers; and cars, trucks and traspalets to take things to your storage room or mini-warehouse.

sin permanencia

Material shop

Store with all the packaging materials you need: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, sofa covers, mattress covers, adhesive seal, etc.

compras online

Online Purchases reception

If you do not know if you can be at home when they send you what you are waiting for, have it sent to our center. We receive it and let you know so you can come and pick it up.


Save money! No costs of electricity, water and security. Trasteros Plus offers all storage, logistics and meeting rooms for a single price.

te dejamos nuestra furgoneta gratis

We provide you with a FREE van

If you need a van to bring your things, we will provide you with one. In addition, you can also rent our van with driver and extra assistant if you need it.

Reliable storage rooms 

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    Storage Rooms of every size

    Because we want to offer you exactly what you need, neither more nor less. From 1 m2 to more than 20 m2. In addition, you can increase or decrease the size of your storage room depending on your needs.

    100% safe Storage Rooms

    All our space is protected with advanced security systems, alarm and closed circuit TV 24 hours.

    Access 365 days a year and customer parking

    You can enter our facilities 365 days a year with the possibility of 24-hour access (optional).

    Parking: In Trasteros Plus you have your own parking for customers, with cars, trucks and forklifts so you can load/unload comfortably to your storage room or mini warehouse.

    Transfer and moving with courtesy van

    Do not worry if you have a move, we have services to help you with it, in addition to a van service so you can move all your things.